A few years ago I bought a second hand MonstIR yagi made by SteppIR.  Its 3 elements on 40M (and about 72 feet wide) and had 4 elelments on 20M -10M (and is 30 feet long).  It weights 120Kg and unfortunately was too heavy for my tower.

Fast forward a few years and I bought a One Man Tower (OMT) which was solid enough to support the MonstIR, a bit of digging and 5 cubic metres of concrete later the tower was up.

With the addition of some 6mm stainless steel cable, a new Noble braked winch, a BIGRAK rotator ad come controll cables, the MonsIT was in the air.


Dayton 2015

2015-04-27 23.17.47
Only 3 more sleeps until I will be leaving VK for Dayton, OH for the 60th Dayton Hamvention.  Thanks to the international date line I will arrive in Dallas  at about 1.30pm (only 30 minutes after I leave Sydney)  Lets hope I get an upgrade so I can get some sleep on the way. At present I will be in the back to the top deck. At least it will be quiet up there compared to the Fokker 50’s i normally fly in!